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Genotype details

Name: Sinefish
From gene pool: swimming
Author: Unknown
Date submitted: 2000-01-01
Size: 26 parts
25 joints
42 neurons
62 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

How created: Evolved under various conditions
I simply took a single stick and let it evolve.
Performance notes: It is quite fast and makes a very nice sine movement. Run it in enough deep water.
Full genotype:
MX[@0:905.710]X[|0:-2.773, 1:0.795]XMMMX[|0:-0.797, 1:0.837]MX[|0:0.837, 1:2.543, -1:0.832]X[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MMMMX[|0:0.977, 1:0.837]XMMMX[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MX[|0:0.854, 1:1.282]X[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MMMMX[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MMMMXMMX[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MX[|0:0.854, 1:2.478]X[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MMMMX[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MMMMXX[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MMMMX[|1:0.837]MMMMX[|0:0.854, 1:0.837]MMX[|0:-1.047, 1:166.154]MX[|0:0.854, 1:2.946]X[|0:0.949, 1:0.837]X[@0:2.664, -1:-1.707]
Water speed (MS): 0.06296
Water speed (ODE): 0.03272