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Genotype details

Name: Rowboat
From gene pool: swimming
Author: Brad Fletcher
Date submitted: 2003-12-11
Size: 17 parts
16 joints
8 neurons
7 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

Description: Boat that rows across the top of the water.
How created: Designed and evolved
Designed the structure and neural net. Evolved only the weights and properties of the neurons. Was unsure if Ff modifiers applied to water.
Performance notes: Rows like a kayaker across the surface of the water. Seems to be the top speed for this particular design. I plan on creating more 'boat' frams. This creature was awarded.
Full genotype:
ffwwX[*][Sin, -1:0.028,t:0.441,t:0.5](, wwlllfflX(, wwffX), wwwwwrrffX(wwrrllffX[@-1:1.605,s:0](cwwLLFFX[|-2:8.418,fo:0.04], , , CwwLLFFX[|-3:4.423,s:-0.038]), wwwwwrrffX(wwllllffX(wwffX, ), , wwffX, , wwllllffX(, wwffX)), wwwwwwffX), wwllllffX(wwffX, ), )
Water speed (MS): 0.0005244
Water speed (ODE): 0.001225