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Genotype details

Name: Superfrog
From gene pool: walking
Author: Sean Bartell (mail)
Date submitted: 2004-07-13
Size: 6 parts
5 joints
20 neurons
26 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

Description: A larger, higher jumping frog
How created: Designed and evolved
I evolved Frog #2 for maximal vertical position and velocity.
Performance notes: It jumps higher and has longer limbs than the original frogs. For some reason, it has one limb half as long as the others.
Full genotype:
rLLLLLLLCf(RFMX[@2:0.913,4:-0.495,0:1,in:0.8,s:0][|1:3.878, 1:3.873,in:0,5:0.121], llaFMX[@1:1.777,2:2.17][|1:-3.212], X[G:1.784,fo:0.04,s:0][@!:0.080, /:-1.58111], FMX[|-2:4.399][@-1:6.589,1:1,in:0.8,s:0], LLCFMMsX[|-1:5.719, -1:4.026][@-3:9.745,in:0.8,-2:5.316,in:0.8])
Land speed (MS): 0.04673
Food finding on land (MS): -0.5005
Land speed (ODE): 1.765e-05