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Genotype details

Name: Sweeper
From gene pool: swimming
Author: Peter Schoffhauzer (mail)
Date submitted: 2006-01-24
Size: 11 parts
10 joints
16 neurons
5 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

Description: Really fast creature swimming on the surface.
How created: Evolved under various conditions
Evolved naturally. In 2015, Maciej Komosinski removed the "m" modifiers so that muscles do not warn about too low power (they were ~0.001 so less than 0.01).
Performance notes: One of the fastest swimming creatures in Framsticks. Velocity around 0.06. It moves its tentacles above the surface of the water, like swimmers do, thus reaching really good velocity performance.
Full genotype:
LLLaaiiaiiiQwwWrLaaLLaaiiiQwwWrLaawWrLiwww(rLLLLaamiiiiiwwwww(,,iiwwwwww(Aw(I(LmmiQwww(m(, ( , rFwwww(m(,Rr((,, , rFiLrSM(, rmsIIwwwwwwXX[@, 8:3.619, p:0.784, p:1, p:1, p:1, p:1, p:1,p:1]X[*][@,p:1]XX[G][S][@]), , RCFX[S][|, 1:-3.801, p:0.01, p:0.982, r:1,r:1][G] , FX[@][|, 1:-3.047, p:0.336, p:0.94, r:1][G],,), ) ), ,L(aFX[|, 1:-6.823, p:0.132, p:0.98, r:1][G],))), ) ) ),aFwX[|, 1:-9.323, p:0.122, p:0.979, r:0.899][G]llAsIX)) ) )
Water speed (ODE): 5.778e-05
Water speed (MS): 0.06229