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Genotype details

Name: Basic Quadruped
From gene pool: walking
Author: A.S.Wigand
Date submitted: 1998-01-01
Size: 11 parts
10 joints
7 neurons
11 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

How created: Designed and evolved
A walking example. Manually created physical and neural structure, NN engram evolved.
Performance notes:
Full genotype:
MX[@*:-.4, 2:-2.890, 1:-1.808](RX(FX, ), MX[@-1:1.849, 0:3.094, 0:-1.387][|-1:1.287, 0:.5](rX(, X), , RX(X, )), rX(, FX))
Land speed (MS): 0.007552
Land speed (ODE): 0.001478
Food finding on land (MS): -0.4915