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Genotype details

Name: Hopping Spider 5 legs
From gene pool: walking
Author: Troy Jenkins
Date submitted: 2000-01-01
Size: 13 parts
12 joints
16 neurons
14 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

How created: Designed and evolved
Evolved from four legged spider design.
Performance notes: The fifth leg which does not move seems to add stability to the creature's jump. This creature was awarded.
Full genotype:
lllX[S:4](, RcccccXMMMX[|1:.5, T:-0.616], cccccRRXMMMX[|1:.1, T:5], , , RRcccccXMMMX[|1:.1, T:5], llccccX[S:4], RcccccXMMMX, RRcccccXMMMX[|0:.1, T:5])
Food finding on land (MS): -0.419
Land speed (MS): 0.004501
Land speed (ODE): 0.0005231