# Genotype "Framsticks beacon" from gene pool "other" # Downloaded on 2020-04-10 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Framsticks beacon genotype:~ //0 # first tetrahedron p:0,0,0 p:1.5,0,0 p:0.75,1.29,0 p:2.25,1.29,0 p:3,0,0 p:1.5,2.58,0 p:0.75,0.43,1.22 p:2.25,0.43,1.22 p:1.5,1.72,1.22 p:1.5,0.86,2.44 j:0,1 j:1,2 j:0,2 j:1,3 j:3,4 j:1,4 j:2,5 j:3,5 j:2,3 j:0,6 j:2,6 j:1,6 j:1,7 j:3,7 j:4,7 j:2,8 j:3,8 j:5,8 j:6,7 j:6,8 j:7,8 j:8,9 j:7,9 j:6,9 # second p:4.5,0,0 p:3.75,1.29,0 p:5.25,1.29,0 p:6,0,0 p:4.5,2.58,0 p:3.75,0.43,1.22 p:5.25,0.43,1.22 p:4.5,1.72,1.22 p:4.5,0.86,2.44 j:4,10 j:10,11 j:4,11 j:10,12 j:12,13 j:10,13 j:11,14 j:12,14 j:11,12 j:4,15 j:11,15 j:10,15 j:10,16 j:12,16 j:13,16 j:11,17 j:12,17 j:14,17 j:15,16 j:15,17 j:16,17 j:17,18 j:16,18 j:15,18 # THIRD p:3,2.58,0 p:2.25,3.87,0 p:3.75,3.87,0 p:4.5,2.58,0 p:3,5.16,0 p:2.25,3.01,1.22 p:3.75,3.01,1.22 p:3,4.3,1.22 p:3,3.44,2.44 j:5,19 j:19,20 j:5,20 j:19,21 j:21,22 j:19,22 j:20,23 j:21,23 j:20,21 j:5,24 j:20,24 j:19,24 j:19,25 j:21,25 j:22,25 j:20,26 j:21,26 j:23,26 j:24,25 j:24,26 j:25,26 j:26,27 j:25,27 j:24,27 # topmost one. p:3,0.86,2.44 p:2.25,2.15,2.44 p:3.75,2.15,2.44 p:2.25,1.29,3.66 p:3.75,1.29,3.66 p:3,2.58,3.66 p:3,1.72,4.88 j:9,28 j:28,29 j:9,29 j:28,30 j:30,18 j:28,18 j:29,27 j:30,27 j:29,30 j:9,31 j:29,31 j:28,31 j:28,32 j:30,32 j:18,32 j:29,33 j:30,33 j:27,33 j:31,32 j:31,33 j:32,33 j:33,34 j:32,34 j:31,34 # dangling thing. #35 p:3,1.72,6.88 p:3,1.72,7.68 p:4.5,1.72,7.68 p:4.2,1.72,6.88 #39 p:3,1.72,5.88 j:34,39 j:39,35 j:35,36 j:36,37 j:35,38 n:j=97, d=@ n:d=* n:d="Sin" n:d=N c:3,2,0.5 c:2,1,0.04 c:0,3 ~ info_timestamp:1087257600.0 info_author:Dawid Weiss info_author_ispublic:1 info_email: info_email_ispublic:0 info:Tetrahedron with an F letter on top of it. info_origin:1 info_how_created: info_performance:~ An example of a three-dimensional framstick with cycles, written in f0. Just a curiosity, but quite funny to watch.~ num:298 instances:0 data: