# Genotype "Two wheels" from gene pool "other" # Downloaded on 2023-09-24 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Two wheels genotype:~ //0 p:x=0.5,y=0,z=0 p:x=0,y=1,z=0 p:x=0,y=0.74,z=0.74 p:x=0,y=0,z=1 p:x=0,y=-0.74,z=0.74 p:x=0,y=-1,z=0 p:x=0,y=-0.74,z=-0.74 p:x=0,y=0,z=-1 p:x=0,y=0.74,z=-0.74 j:0,1 j:1,2 j:2,0 j:0,3 j:3,4 j:4,0 j:0,5 j:5,6 j:6,0 j:0,7 j:7,8 j:8,0 j:2,3 j:4,5 j:6,7 j:8,1 p:1.5,0,0 p:x=2,y=1,z=0 p:x=2,y=0.74,z=0.74 p:x=2,y=0,z=1 p:x=2,y=-0.74,z=0.74 p:x=2,y=-1,z=0 p:x=2,y=-0.74,z=-0.74 p:x=2,y=0,z=-1 p:x=2,y=0.74,z=-0.74 j:9,10 j:10,11 j:11,9 j:9,12 j:12,13 j:13,9 j:9,14 j:14,15 j:15,9 j:9,16 j:16,17 j:17,9 j:11,12 j:13,14 j:15,16 j:17,10 j:0,9 ~ info_timestamp:1087257600.0 info_author:Dawid Weiss info_author_ispublic:1 info_email: info_email_ispublic:0 info:Two stable wheels. info_origin:1 info_how_created: info_performance:~ Two stable (standing) "wheels". Primarily meant to model a creature capable of rolling its body forward, but rigid connections are required to put it together.~ num:300 instances:0 data: