# Genotype "Jellyfish #5" from gene pool "swimming" # Downloaded on 2022-08-14 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Jellyfish #5 genotype:~ //0 p:x=0, y=0, z=0 p:x=1, y=0, z=-1 p:x=-1, y=0, z=-1 p:x=0, y=1, z=-1 p:x=0, y=-1, z=-1 p:x=0.7, y=0.7, z=-1 p:x=-0.7, y=0.7, z=-1 p:x=0.7, y=-0.7, z=-1 p:x=-0.7, y=-0.7, z=-1 j:0, 1 j:0,2 j:0,3 j:0,4 j:0,5 j:0,6 j:0,7 j:0,8 j:1,5 j:5,3 j:3,6 j:6,2 j:2,8 j:8,4 j:4,7 j:7,1 p:x=1, y=0, z=-2 p:x=-1, y=0, z=-2 p:x=0, y=1, z=-2 p:x=0, y=-1, z=-2 p:x=0.7, y=0.7, z=-2 p:x=-0.7, y=0.7, z=-2 p:x=0.7, y=-0.7, z=-2 p:x=-0.7, y=-0.7, z=-2 j:1, 9 j:2, 10 j:3, 11 j:4, 12 j:5, 13 j:6, 14 j:7, 15 j:8, 16 j:9,13 j:13, 11 j:11, 14 j:14, 10 j:10, 16 j:16, 12 j:12, 15 j:15,9 p:x=0, y=0, z=-3 j:17, 9 j:17, 10 j:17, 11 j:17, 12 j:17, 13 j:17, 14 j:17, 15 j:17, 16 p:x=0.1, y=0, z=-4 p:x=-0.1, y=0, z=-4 p:x=0, y=0.1, z=-4 p:x=0, y=-0.1, z=-4 p:x=0.07, y=0.07, z=-4 p:x=-0.07, y=0.07, z=-4 p:x=0.07, y=-0.07, z=-4 p:x=-0.07, y=-0.07, z=-4 j:17, 18 j:17, 19 j:17, 20 j:17, 21 j:17, 22 j:17, 23 j:17, 24 j:17, 25 j:18, 22 j:22, 20 j:20,23 j:23,19 j:19,25 j:25,21 j:21, 24 j:24,18 p:x=0.5, y=0, z=-5 p:x=-0.5, y=0, z=-5 p:x=0, y=0.5, z=-5 p:x=0, y=-0.5, z=-5 j:18, 26 j:19,27 j:20, 28 j:21,29 p:x=0.5, y=0, z=-5 p:x=-0.5, y=0, z=-5 p:x=0, y=0.5, z=-5 p:x=0, y=-0.5, z=-5 j:26,30, dx=-0.5, dz=-0.25 j:27,31, dx=0.5, dz=-0.25 j:28,32, dx=-0.5, dz=-0.25 j:29,33, dx=0.5, dz=-0.25 p:x=1, y=0, z=-5.25 p:x=-1, y=0, z=-5.25 p:x=0.5, y=0.5,z=-5.25 p:x=-0.5, y=-0.5,z=-5.25 j:30, 34, dx=0.75, dz=-1 j:31,35, dx=-0.75, dz=-1 j:32,36, dx=0.75, dz=-1 j:33,37, dx=-0.75, dz=-1~ info_timestamp:1098230400.0 info_author:Jerzy Blaszczynski info_author_ispublic:1 info_email: info_email_ispublic:0 info:Jellyfish #4 extended info_origin:1 info_how_created: info_performance:~ An example of a framstick that can swim, though I designed it considering rather its look than behavior.~ num:315 instances:0 data: