# Genotype "Rowing yawl" from gene pool "swimming" # Downloaded on 2022-08-14 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Rowing yawl genotype:~ LLwwwwwwX[*][Sin, f0:0.0, -1:0.1][-1:1.0][D, -2:1.0][-1:100.0] wwX( RRllllllwwwwX(,,RRRRwwwwllllX[@, p:1.0, -3:-0.3] (,,LX[|, p:1.0, -2:0.2 ]) ) ,, RRllllllwwwwX(,,rrrrwwwwllllX[@, p:1.0, -5:0.3 ] (,,LX[|, p:1.0, -4:0.2 ])) )~ info_timestamp:1100822400.0 info_author:Beniamin Dziurdza info_author_ispublic:1 info_email: info_email_ispublic:0 info:Please adjust the water level :) info_origin:1 info_how_created: info_performance:~ Velocity optimization is still possible! The D neuron is used to obtain the cycle shift for muscles.~ num:316 instances:0 data: