# Genotype "Cyber dumb" from gene pool "other" # Downloaded on 2023-09-24 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Cyber dumb genotype:~ //0 p: p:x=.5 p:x=-.5 p:x=.5,z=-1,fr=0 p:x=-.5,z=-1,fr=0 p:x=.5,z=-1,y=.7,fr=0 p:x=.5,z=-1,y=-.7,fr=0 p:x=-.5,z=-1,y=.7,fr=0 p:x=-.5,z=-1,y=-.7,fr=0 p:x=1,z=-1,fr=0 p:x=-1,z=-1,fr=0 p:x=-1,z=-.7,y=.8,fr=1 p:x=1,z=-.7,y=.8,fr=1 p:z=1 p:z=1,x=.5 p:z=1,x=-.5 p:z=1.3 p:x=1 p:x=-1 p:x=-.5,z=-.8,y=.5,fr=1 p:x=.5,z=-.8,y=.5,fr=1 p:z=2 p:z=2 p:z=1,y=.5 j:0,1 j:0,2 j:1,3 j:2,4 j:3,5,rotstif=1 j:3,6,rotstif=1 j:4,7,rotstif=1 j:4,8,rotstif=1 j:3,9,rotstif=1 j:4,10,rotstif=1 j:4,11,rotstif=0 j:3,12,rotstif=0 j:0,13 j:1,13 j:2,13 j:5,1 j:6,1 j:7,2 j:8,2 j:13,14 j:13,15 j:0,14 j:0,15 j:10,2 j:9,1 j:13,16 j:14,17 j:15,18 j:4,19,rotstif=0 j:3,20,rotstif=0 j:10,7 j:10,8 j:9,6 j:9,5 j:10,1 j:9,2 j:0,21 j:0,22 j:13,23 j:23,0 j:23,14 j:23,15 n:p=16,d="Sin:f0=.05" n:p=16,d="Sin:f0=.05,t=3.1415926535898" n:j=28,d=@ n:j=29,d=@ n:p=11,d=T n:p=12,d=T n:j=26,d=@ n:j=27,d=@ n:p=2,d=S1 n:p=1,d=S1 n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=Nu n:p=16,d=Nu n:p=16,d="Thr:t=-.00001,hi=0,lo=1" n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=* n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d="Thr:t=.00001,hi=1,lo=0" n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=N n:p=16,d=N n:j=28,d=| n:j=29,d=| n:j=38,d=G n:j=36,d=@ n:j=37,d=@ c:11,1 c:6,1 c:10,0 c:7,0 c:10,16 c:11,15 c:2,10 c:3,11 c:15,23 c:16,22 c:15,0 c:16,1 c:19,8 c:22,17,w=-1 c:22,20 c:23,14 c:23,17,w=-1 c:18,9 c:24,18,w=-1 c:24,19,w=1 c:14,24 c:20,24 c:12,4 c:13,5 c:25,12 c:26,13 c:28,21 c:29,21,w=-1 c:21,27~ info_timestamp:1108944000.0 info_author:Anton Kodochygov info_author_ispublic:1 info_email: info_email_ispublic:0 info:~ Should walk towards energy, avoid collision and stay erect. See also "Cyber upgraded" which is much better.~ info_origin:1 info_how_created:~ Entirely designed, no evolution was involved. I just thought it would be cool to make a cyber.~ info_performance:~ This creature is self sufficient enough to walk towards food, stay erect, and even avoid obstacles such as fences and steep terrain. This creature is interesting because you can make it do anything you can think of. For instance, some future developments for this creature I'm considering are: swimming, being energy efficient, pursuing other creatures, and dealing damage to and consuming other creatures.~ num:403 instances:0 data: