# Genotype "Memory Anemone" from gene pool "swimming" # Downloaded on 2022-08-14 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Memory Anemone genotype:~ ((WWWX, , WWWX), , lllllllllRRWWWX[*][*][Ch,-2:1,-1:1][ChMux,-1:1,3:.2] [N,1:.00005,0:1,s:.02][N,-1:1,1:.5][Thr, lo:0, hi:1, t:.31, 1:1][N,7:1,-3:-15,-4:1](WWWX, , rrXX[|, -2:1,p:.75](rrXrrX[|, 1:1][Delay, -4:1,t:200]llllrrX(lllX[|, -5:-.666], lllX[|, -6:.666]), lllllllllwwwwrrX[|, -7:1][S], rrXrrX[|, 1:1][Delay, -10:1,t:200]llllrrX(lllX[|, -11:-.666], lllX[|, -12:.666])), , WWWX))~ info_timestamp:1132012800.0 info_author:Stephen Morrow info_author_ispublic:1 info_email: info_email_ispublic:0 info:A sea anemone with protective response and memory. info_origin:1 info_how_created:Designed entirely. info_performance:~ The anemone (always simulate underwater) features a protective collapse response that is activated when anemone's smell neuron reaches 0.5. The response features a memory loop which gains value when the response is activated and slowly returns to baseline when the response is inactive. The loop inhibits future responses (a trained anemone might require a smell of 0.8 or more) thus modeling the rudimentary memory function of classical conditioning with Framsticks. Let it fall to the bottom and feed it with energy. This creature was awarded.~ num:408 instances:0 data: