# Genotype "Sweeper" from gene pool "swimming" # Downloaded on 2023-09-24 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Sweeper genotype:~ LLLaaiiaiiiQwwWrLaaLLaaiiiQwwWrLaawWrLiwww(rLLLLaamiiiiiwwwww(,,iiwwwwww(Aw(I(LmmiQwww(m(, ( , rFwwww(m(,Rr((,, , rFiLrSM(, rmsIIwwwwwwXX[@, 8:3.619, p:0.784, p:1, p:1, p:1, p:1, p:1,p:1]X[*][@,p:1]XX[G][S][@]), , RCFX[S][|, 1:-3.801, p:0.01, p:0.982, r:1,r:1][G] , FX[@][|, 1:-3.047, p:0.336, p:0.94, r:1][G],,), ) ), ,L(aFX[|, 1:-6.823, p:0.132, p:0.98, r:1][G],))), ) ) ),aFwX[|, 1:-9.323, p:0.122, p:0.979, r:0.899][G]llAsIX)) ) )~ info_timestamp:1138060800.0 info_author:Peter Schoffhauzer info_author_ispublic:1 info_email:scoofy@inf.elte.hu info_email_ispublic:1 info:Really fast creature swimming on the surface. info_origin:3 info_how_created:~ Evolved naturally. In 2015, Maciej Komosinski removed the "m" modifiers so that muscles do not warn about too low power (they were \~0.001 so less than 0.01).~ info_performance:~ One of the fastest swimming creatures in Framsticks. Velocity around 0.06. It moves its tentacles above the surface of the water, like swimmers do, thus reaching really good velocity performance.~ num:423 instances:0 data: