# Genotype "Fast Lizard" from gene pool "walking" # Downloaded on 2022-06-26 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Fast Lizard genotype:~ lfffffffMMMMMMMMX(FFFMMMMMMMMX[|0:0.928, T:2.480], lfffffffMMMMMMMMX[0:-2.199](, lfffffffMMMMMMMMX[@0:3.390, 1:-1.521, 7:-2.227](FFFMMMMMMMMX[|3:-2.486, T:3.915], fffffffffffMMMMMMMMX[@1:1.029][0:-0.687][0:1.917, T:4.813]ffffffffffffMMMMMMMMX[|-1:2.880, -1:-2.879], FFFMMMMMMMMX[G:245.116, 1:1.309][|-3:2.369, 0:-0.817, T:-4.705]), ), FFFMMMMMMMMX[|T:-1.607, 0:0.286, -1:-0.309])~ info_timestamp:946684800.0 info_author:Ander Taylor info_author_ispublic:1 info_email:Ander_Taylor@hotmail.com info_email_ispublic:1 info: info_origin:2 info_how_created:~ I fist made the Framstick with 8 legs, I then realised that if I removed some of the legs that it would make quite a natural looking lizard. ~ info_performance:It looks natural and is fast. num:60 instances:0 data: