# Genotype "Hopping Spider 5 legs" from gene pool "walking" # Downloaded on 2022-06-26 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Hopping Spider 5 legs genotype:~ lllX[S:4](, RcccccXMMMX[|1:.5, T:-0.616], cccccRRXMMMX[|1:.1, T:5], , , RRcccccXMMMX[|1:.1, T:5], llccccX[S:4], RcccccXMMMX, RRcccccXMMMX[|0:.1, T:5])~ info_timestamp:946684800.0 info_author:Troy Jenkins info_author_ispublic:1 info_email: info_email_ispublic:0 info: info_origin:2 info_how_created:~ Evolved from four legged spider design. ~ info_performance:~ The fifth leg which does not move seems to add stability to the creature's jump. This creature was awarded.~ num:64 instances:0 data: