# Genotype "Frog #2" from gene pool "walking" # Downloaded on 2019-02-20 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Frog #2 genotype:~ (FMX[@2:1.230][|1:3.934, 1:3.045], FMX[@1:2.310][|1:-2.060], X[G:0.725][@!:0.080, /:999.000], FMX[|-2:2.695][@-1:3.174], FMX[-1:-0.639][|-2:3.934, -2:2.884][@-4:3.208])~ info_timestamp:915148800.0 info_author:Zac Elston info_author_ispublic:1 info_email:Zelston@aol.com info_email_ispublic:1 info: info_origin:3 info_how_created:~ I started with 6 legs... evolution dropped one and it started hopping. I created several different versions of the NN after the initial evolution. This one has the jumping style I like.~ info_performance:~ Locomotion via jumps. rotation of hind legs forces head up. back legs push. front legs provide landing stability.~ num:80 instances:0 data: