# Genotype "Humanoid getting up" from gene pool "other" # Downloaded on 2023-06-06 from Framsticks Experimentation Center org: name:Humanoid getting up genotype:~ lX(lCCCCX[0:-0.991, T:540.170, T:1.740]X[|-1:-2.639, /:1.138][@9:0.728]CX[|-1:-0.854], XX[|0:0.041, *:1.097, *:-1.623][@-3:-2.750]X(lllCCCXLX[@-4:-1.074, 1:-0.415]LX[|1:-0.782], lllcccXLX[@-2:-1.202]LX[|-1:0.736]), lccccX[@1:0.760][|0:-1.034, T:-813.090]XcX[@0:-738.092, !:0.199, -1:4.595, -1:-1.860])~ info_timestamp:946684800.0 info_author:Ricardo Ferrăo info_author_ispublic:1 info_email:gilliam@student.dei.uc.pt info_email_ispublic:1 info:~ It has a basic morphology without any specialized stick except the long and short sticks. ~ info_origin:2 info_how_created:~ I designed the morphology and evolved brain. The simulation parameters used for the selection are 50 for vertical position and 50 for vertical velocity.~ info_performance:~ I still haven't got any genotype with vertical velocity. The first genotypes lift their legs. The next milestone was to the lift the neck. The next milestone was to try to lift the body using one of the arms. This creature was awarded. ~ num:98 instances:0 data: