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  • Evolve creatures which move fast in the obstacles world. Use the world map to create blocks, and then evolve creatures in a distance-oriented optimization. Creatures are expected to either have an obstacle-robust design, or use Touch sensors to avoid walls.
  • Define alternative experiment definitions. Some ideas:
    • undirected evolution,
    • fight for resources (arena),
    • pursuit,
    • cooperation or competition
  • Build a humanoid creature.
  • Create/evolve an organism which is capable of movement towards energy sources (detected with a "S" receptor).
  • For users interested in computer graphics: define alternative visualization styles for OpenGL (*.style file). See the "3dobj" subdirectory for style samples. Here are some ideas:
    • joints as arms, legs, etc.
    • for the, for example
    • for the, for example
    • (tennis court, energy balls as tennis balls, T receptors as tennis rackets)
    • (fields, harvest time, crop, sheaves, polls, ploughed areas etc.)
    Good style supports three world types (flat/blocks/smooth), three kinds of world boundaries (none/fence/teleport), water, styled parts, joints and neurons, and visualizes properties of parts and joints.
  • For users interested in computer graphics: define alternative visualization schemes (see above) for POV-Ray (*.inc file). The default "" file is an example.
  • Define alternative Framsticks Theater shows. For example, a "domino" show where many creatures arranged along a path start moving after they are touched by predecessors. A lot of improvement is also possible in the existing show scripts.
  • Build/evolve your creature for the deathmatch challenge.