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Genotype details

Name: Archetypical spider
From gene pool: other
Author: Shannon Gilbert
Date submitted: 1998-01-01
Size: 22 parts
21 joints
0 neurons
0 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

How created: Designed
Performance notes: Looks like a spider. I did have several different permutations, including a fairly speedy shuffler, and an interesting creature that would grab nearby food with it's pedapalps. Sadly, these were lost. I hope to recreate a working model soon. This creature was awarded.
Full genotype:
lllllXL(rrX(, X), rrX(, X, rrX(, X), rrX(, X), lllllIIIIIIrrX(, IIIIIIllX), lllllIIIIIrrX(, IIIIIllX), rrX(, X), rrX(, X), rrX(, X), rrX, X))
Height on land (ODE): 0.6775
Height on land (MS): 0.3033