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Genotype details

Name: Nervous Sting
From gene pool: other
Author: Wolfgang Fercher (mail)
Date submitted: 2000-01-01
Size: 9 parts
8 joints
14 neurons
13 neural connections
Actions: Download this genotype

How created: Designed
I first build the physical structure. Then i added the four bending muscles and a neuron to control them alltogether. (you can see it when taking a look at the NN). After that i made the first smell receptor. The next problem i had to face that, the creature should go back in it's beginning position after attacking. This was possible by changing some neural weights and adding a constant (*) impulse to the control neuron. Then i often tried how it attacks when i place food. It also attacked, when food was at the left, right, or back. That for i needed a second smell receptor. Somehow i managed it, that the Sting now only attacks when the food is in front of it.
Performance notes: Attacks passing creatures by hiting them with it's sting. Can attack several times. This creature was awarded.
Full genotype:
llX[S:1][-1:300, !:0.1, *:-1, 2:-300]RRWWWWWWX(RRWWX[|-1:-1][S:1](X, X), wwLX[|-3:1, !:0.1]wwLX[|-4:0.5, !:0.1]wwSSSllX[|-5:0.25, !:0.1])
Height on land (MS): 0.1264
Height on land (ODE): 0.2673